Saturday, 23 November 2013

park life

i very rarely miss living in london.  from the moment i moved to bath i have been happy and content to be living here, exploring my new surroundings and getting used to my new home.  i had a similar feeling when i first moved to london back in 1992, frequenting myself with that huge city as a student in my beginning twenties.  i lived in london for the next 19 years and east london (with the exception of a year each in muswell hill and Tottenham) specifically stoke Newington and london fields, became my second homes after nottingham where i had spent the first 21 years of my life.

why am i telling you all this?  well i watched a short documentary yesterday entitled 'the runners' (see below) which brought my life in london flooding back and made me miss it just a little, like when i occasionally return to my ex homes from home in london.  going there can evoke the same pangs of sadness at the thought that things have changed and for better or worse will never be the same again.  watching this video makes me feel the same way.

i used to spend a lot of time running in london's public parks, especially victoria park, where this video is filmed, and stokey's clissold park.  i was also known to make occasional forays to regents park via the grand union canal towpath, but east london was my manor and the parks there my favourite. 

i must have run around the edges of victoria park, as the runners do in this video, literally thousands of times.  early mornings, early evenings, weekend afternoons, day, night, rain, sun, wind, snow, spring, summer, autumn, winter.  you name the condition and the season and i was there in the middle of my oasis in the city running and feeling alive.  one of these days i will take my running shoes back to london just to have the pleasure again of running around those special places.

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