Wednesday, 9 October 2013

kreis performance cyclewear

i recently got to try on some of the very first designs by bath based kreis performance cyclewear.  the fit of the jerseys and bib shorts is some of the very best i have ever worn and certainly the equivalent to anything produced by the likes of assos or rapha.  i particularly like the sleeve cuff finish on one of the two jerseys i tried.  likewise the finish on the legs of the bib shorts also feature that pro look.  the kit is super comfortable too.

kreis have entered the market to fill a gap for alternative and uniquely designed performance cyclewear.  this is something we see a fair bit of from north american designers and to a lesser extent australia too.  in europe discounting the big names there are not too many boutique labels offering cyclists a different look, kreis cater for this niche.

it is early days for kreis but keep a look out for a flow of original quality cyclewear from them.

here is what laurie chalk, the man behind kreis has to say about his new project;
i'm a graduate of german studies who now works in the digital printing ink industry with a healthy obsession for a snappy looking cycling jersey so starting up kreis made complete sense to me. cycle sport is full of colour, individuality and performance so why not produce custom kits to reflect that? The cmyk nachtschatten kit is hopefully just the start of a long line of fresh looking custom kit designs for uk and european cyclists. i'll be updating the cmyk line with a new rain membrane jersey, wind vest, winter jacket plus some colourful roubaix arm warmers in the coming weeks ready for the next pre-order. in the meantime check out the new racer ts in the webstore.
'kreis, der - (a) circle, cycle or ring (b) group or movement with a common/collective interest.
zeitgemäße bekleidung fürs rennradvolk.'

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