Saturday, 27 July 2013

kreis cycling project

amongst many other things laurie chalk is a man on a mission to deliver well designed quality cycle wear to a market that is crying out for even more innovation in the arena of stylish performance clothing.  the south west of england is currently a hot bed for a thriving cycling community.  clubs are flourishing, infrastructure is improving, more racing is happening, and more people in general are getting on their bikes.  in the middle of all this activity stands mr chalk who is dialled into the needs of roadies, cyclo cross riders and mountain bikers alike.  laurie's idea to use 'kreis' as a platform for producing unique designs is coming to fruition with pre orders now available for his cymk nachtschatten kit.  kreis cycling project has arrived.

'Kreis, der - (a) circle, cycle or ring (b) group or movement with a common/collective interest. 
Zeitgemäße Bekleidung fürs Rennradvolk.'

'designed by an englishman who’s studied german, lived and worked in karlsruhe and mannheim but now works in the printing ink industry with a love of a snappy looking cycling jersey. a contemporary cycling kit concept based on german culture and fonts using printing ink process colours and designs. kreis will be doing limited run kit orders. designs and concepts will change depending on the subject matter and influences. when we’re big enough to hold stock we will but for now and kit runs will be done on a pre-order > production > delivery basis.'

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