Friday, 14 June 2013

suzanne jersey by café du cycliste

i am a big fan of stripes on clothing and had always wanted to own a stripey cycling jersey, so a few months back i went on the hunt for one and came across the suzanne jersey by café du cycliste.  based out of nice on the french riviera café du cycliste offer a high quality range of clothing for both men and women.  looking through their online shop they have loads of cool looking stuff but i had my mind set on stripes so opted for the suzanne jersey.

the jersey arrived a few days later beautifully packaged in its own cloth bag. the only trouble was it was during the back end of winter and here in the uk we were treated to a particularly gruelling one that dragged into the middle of spring. as much as i wanted to wear my new jersey i could not bring myself to get it splattered along the mud strewn lanes i am accustomed to riding. also the jersey is made from fine polyester so is much more suited to warmer climates.  this is of course due to the dna of its côte d'azur heritage.  i made the sensible decision, the jersey stayed packed away ready for the family holiday to provence, in southern france, when it would get its first outing.

my first opportunity to test the new jersey finally arrived when i hopped on my bike for a ride through the provencal countryside.  first impressions were good as the jersey felt very comfortable.  the polyester is soft and although the cut of the jersey is designed for performance riding it is a little more forgiving that say an offering from assos with their super tight fits.  i am a stickler for detail and what i do not like in a jersey is when the back pockets are loaded and the jersey drops down over the arse, not a good look.  i am happy to say that even with mini pump, keys, levers, arm warmers and camera stuffed into the rear pockets the jersey maintained its shape so top marks there.

speaking of detail it is obvious to see that café du cycliste have spent a lot of time making sure every element of their jersey is of the highest quality.  fabric, stitching, zippers, labeling and internal trim all add up to a whole that is different to anything else on the market, and of course the jersey features that all important rear zip pocket.  the price for all this finery €115.00.

while i was away in provence i wore the suzanne jersey multiple times and was a joy to wear.  it is an exciting piece of clothing that i will always look forward to putting on.  i am going to make a promise to myself though that it will not be worn out on wet days. this jersey deserves the sun, think mediterranean rather than flanders.  the question i now pose to myself is what will be my next purchase from café du cycliste?

as always many thanks to betty for the images.


Richard said...

Classy stripes Jason. Enjoyed the review and images!

Jason said...

Thanks Richard. Cafe du Cycliste have some nice kit. Need to save some more pennies now and maybe go for a piece for the autumn.