Tuesday, 19 February 2013

thoughts on nutrition

the subject of food is certainly a hot topic at the moment.  here in the uk headlines are full with news of horse meat having found its way into processed beef products via an overly complex supply chain.  we are now discovering whether this is just an issue related to the uk or if there are wider implications for our european neighbours.

for me food has for a long time been and will continue to be a hot topic.  i not only have a passion for cooking and eating tasty food but have a long standing interest in nutrition from the perspective of an amateur athlete who also happens to be studying to become a personal trainer and so will eventually have a professional interest in the type of food choices that will help people train better and live healthier.

that all said i struggle on a daily basis with what could be called a sweet tooth or more realistically can be termed an addiction to sugar.  i probably drink too much alcohol as well if i am honest, so there are plenty of things i could do to clean my diet up, it is a constant and developing process.  so far my reading on the subject of nutrition has been limited but to counter this and to help inspire me to clean things up i have spent dozens of hours maybe even hundreds over the past handful of years listening to nutrition based podcasts as an accompaniment to my running, a productive example of multi tasking i hope.

one of my favourite nutrition based podcasts getting a lot of air time during my runs at the moment, along with ben greenfield, is the rich roll podcast.  rich roll is a successful ultra distance athlete based in california who happens to be vegan.  although he espouses the virtues of a plant based diet (lifestyle) what i like about his show is that he is happy to use it as a forum to allow his guests to express their views on nutrition which may not necessarily be plant based and thus counter to his beliefs.  in doing this the very complex and often confusing subject of what foods are healthiest and help us to train and race better are discussed in depth.

i found and am sharing below one of rich's recent shows on youtube featuring the retired english mixed martial arts (mma) fighter james 'lighting' wilks who is extremely articulate and knowledgeable on the subject of nutrition.  whether you are a participant in sports or not, a vegetarian, vegan or meat eater i believe the issues being discussed by rich and his guests can offer additional insight to anybody who values the benefits of  a healthily and energised lifestyle.  listen.


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