Thursday, 13 December 2012

watt bike?

i had my first ever go on a watt bike a few days ago at vibe fitness in here in bath. simon ridley, one of the co-owners of vibe along with paul ransome, invited me over to sample the delights of the watt bike and what it has to offer which is a considerable amount more than the average turbo trainer. key features of the watt bike include monitoring of power output, cadence, heart rate and effectiveness of pedalling. it is actually a piece of kit that is endorsed and used by british cycling.

my intention had been merely to look at what vibe has to offer as a fitness centre in general. however, my visit developed into more than that when i was introduced to the watt bike and was shown the leader board with times posted by different clients for various distances ranging from 500m all the way up to 100k! i decided since i was there i may as well post a time of my own for the 10k distance. a 10k time trial essentially means near max effort for the time it takes to complete the distance.  i did not think my strategy through properly and went out way too hard, school boy error.

although i do not have all the measurements from my effort to hand at time of writing this, i can say with certainty that i pushed as hard as i could and finished dripping with sweat. my average watts was somewhere close to 285, not sure of my heart rate although i could feel it was high, probably close to my max of 180. pedalling effectiveness showed i have an even pedal stroke in terms of the power i exert through each leg (i will put that down to plenty of training on good old rollers). my time was 14.13.47 which i guess was not too bad considering i was unprepared for the effort and had to borrow simon's cycling shoes, thanks for that simon!

i did not manage to top the leader board for 10k by any means, in fact my time was a fairly mediocre one. the guy who currently has the fastest time posted average watts of somewhere close to 310 for the duration of his effort so i have a lot of work to do to get close to that time.

having been a cyclist for the best part of my entire life this was the first time i have ever had an opportunity to see how many watts i could produce for a given distance and i found it to be extremely interesting and informative although painful at the same time.

given the chance to train on one of these bikes on a regular basis i could really focus on specific drills, all measured precisely,  in order to improve my chances of getting closer to my aims and goals. they are sentiments that could probably be applied to most fitness enthusiasts since the watt bike will no doubt be an excellent way to improve cardiovascular fitness.

the bike really comes into it's own though, and has particular meaning to cyclists in terms of specific training or specificity. i for one will be heading back to vibe for more efforts on the watt bike and to try to better my previous time!

vibe fitness

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