Sunday, 25 November 2012

cx western league round 8

i had originally pencilled in to race in the western league round 8 at conham park in bristol but instead of racing decided to head to the course with my camera instead of my bike.  why didn't i race?  to be honest i was simply lacking motivation which is vital for me to able to muster up the energy necessary to give 100%, especially on a woodland course that was exceptionally muddy due to the torrential race we have been experiencing here and in other parts of the uk.  many areas of the uk are currently flooded and even my drive to the course was impacted with a diversion due to a flooded road.  the race itself though was run off in dry conditions thankfully.  well done to all the riders who did race today, it will have been a very hard time in and out of the saddle.  at least with all the rain fall the swollen banks of the river avon provided easy access for a quick post race bike clean.

for race report and provisional results click here.


JU team said...

great article

Benjamin Hall said...

Great report and photos mate. Sorry to be a bit of an egotist...but i dont suppose you have any of myself that I could use for my blog do you?



Jason said...

Hi Ben, Please feel free to use of the images straight off my blog. They are the only ones I kept for the many I took.