Monday, 23 August 2010

Skins Trial Results

I recently reviewed Skins latest offering of cyclewear the C400 range. In that post I mentioned in order to review the product sent to me by Skins I needed to take part in a trial during the Tour de France fpr which I agreed!  The trial involved a 15km TT, a 120km hilly stage and a 150km flat route.  One trial was completed at a time of my choosing during each week of the Tour.  The only other fixed criteria was that I wear the C400 clothing and that I have a GPS computer on board enabling me to record the trials and email them back to Matt at Skins so he could compile a list of the results.  I did all of this as did three other bloggers who also took part in the trials.

After much anticipation I finally received the results below.  I'm Jason B:

It was all done as a bit of fun really although Im going to big myself up for having completed the TT in the fastest time.  Big ups to other competitors and a special mention goes to my friend Mr Shrimpton who writes the excellent blog Travels With My Mule.  Philip, it was a close call between you and I.

You can also check out the other competitors blogs at the links below.  Thanks again to Skins and don't forget to take a look at my review of their C400 cyclewear range if you haven't already read it.

Austin Tanney

Dirk Bischof

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